Asset: Subcontractors, suppliers, manufacturers. Threat: Saturation of the information system. Vulnerability: No contractual clause covering the quality of service of systems placed under limit conditions (intense demand on the system, input of non-compliant data, input of data corresponding to operating limits)
Owning organization
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Definition of the object
    "asset": "d2023d64-44d1-11e9-a78c-0800277f0571",
    "threat": "b402d5df-4576-11e9-9173-0800277f0571",
    "uuid": "7f9f27d9-4f02-11e9-b3ea-0800277f0571",
    "version": 1,
    "vulnerability": "69fc1708-4591-11e9-9173-0800277f0571"